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April 14th, 2024

Dear People of Faith,

Alleluia, Christ is risen!  The Lord is risen indeed, alleluia!  We get to say these words for all the weeks of Easter (and hold in our hearts forever).  Sunday will be the third week of Easter and we hear part of one of Peter’s earliest sermons and the story of yet another time Jesus appeared to his friends, this time to have fish for supper. He begins with “Peace be with you” perhaps because he knew they were not at peace.  Then he charged them to proclaim repentance and forgiveness of sins “to all nations.” (Luke 24:48). All this is good news to us nearly 2000 years later – whether we are at peace or not!

Sunday is a potluck – all welcome to bring food and all welcome to enjoy, whether or not you bring food!  All hands welcome to clean up, too.

Here is Steve Garnaas-Holmes’ reflection on the solar eclipse this week:

On a snowy hilltop access to a wind farm in Maine

a couple dozen cars and trucks from several states

have crammed in. Trunks and van doors are open.

Lawn chairs abound. Pilgrims offer eclipse glasses,

share camera tips, ask where you’re from.

A rustle of excitement. It begins.

Glasses come out. A crescent of darkness:

the sun’s eyelid slowly closes.

Sky darkens. The last of the sun’s ring disappears.

Everything changes.

The light is thick, liquid, like mercury.

Waves of light-shadows shimmer across the ground.

In the sky, the pure black pupil of the sun,

surrounded by an iris of glacier-blue light,

on a field of purple sky with stars.

The eye of God.

Conversations break off, only pure utterances.

For two minutes, we stand on a strange planet,

merely beholding, citizens of the kingdom of awe.

Then the first glint emerges and the magic vanishes.

The glasses come back on, tracing the growing crescent.

Conversations resume, darkened with mystery, delight,

and the humility of having witnessed together what exceeds us.

A minute later cars start up, and everyone joins a long,

long line of traffic down the country road in Maine,

back to the Interstate, to ordinary, fast, explicable life.


Grace and peace to you all,

Beth+, Interim Vicar

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