Bishop’s Committee and Leadership

Faith Episcopal Church Poulsbo is a mission church which means that we are supported by the Diocese of Olympia and the priest in charge is called a Vicar.

The Most Reverend Melissa Skelton is the Bishop Provisional in the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. 

Rather than having a vestry to govern we have a Bishop’s Committee, which is made up of members of Faith. The current Bishop’s Committee members are listed below:


Faith Episcopal Poulsbo Bishop’s Committee

Ronnie Sue Leith, Senior Warden






Laurie James-Harke, Hospitality and Outreach





Louise Kernaghan, Finances





Paul Steinke, Children and Youth





]Dorothy Timma, Godly Play and Music





Ada Kornmeyer, Technology







Ian Woodson, Streaming and Grounds





Jeffery Batstone


Paulette Waggoner