Faith Poulsbo is in the process of finding a new Vicar. The Profile Committee has drafted a profile report and submitted it to Bishop Skelton for approval.

The congregation recently completed a parish assessment survey by Holy Cow Consulting. The summary of the assessment survey is below:

Survey Summary, Faith Episcopal Church (August 2023)

In July 2023, members of Faith Church completed a survey that will be used in the upcoming Vicar search and for planning the future of Faith. A total of 56 parishioners completed the survey.

The survey results indicate that the Faith congregation experiences high satisfaction and energy, thus Faith is considered a transformative congregation. Such churches are characterized by vibrant worship, commitment to spiritual formation, have an external focus, a distinctive mission, and Faith’s members feel positive about the parish overall. Members believe that the church makes a positive difference in their lives and want to be involved.

Faith members are open to diverse views and accept individuals where they are in their faith journey. Members are willing to consider changes in worship while still honoring established tradition.

The following four top priorities were identified as:

  1.  Develop ministries that work toward healing those broken by life circumstances (e.g. grief, divorce, job loss, addiction, family violence, homelessness, immigration issues, etc.).
  2.  Deepen our sense of connection to God and one another through stronger worship experiences.
  3.  Help members discern their gifts and equip them for ministries that are a good fit for them.
  4.  Work to renew and revitalize the community around the church by building coalitions partners that share this vision and commitment.

The congregation expressed a desire to strengthen programs for children and youth; to enhance worship services; and to be “The Church” with the love of Christ as central.

Faith is a transformative congregation with high energy and satisfaction. The survey indicates that members feel that Faith Church is clearly stronger than three years ago and open to being flexible in order to move forward. The level of conflict is low and there is a strong tradition of hospitality as well as trust in leadership. Membership at Faith has remained steady.

Within the congregation there is a desire to enhance worship, to equip members for ministry, and to reach out to the community. A challenge at this time is to maintain high satisfaction and energy without burnout. It will be important for leadership to manage resources and empower members for ministry.