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Stewardship: Episcopal Church in Poulsbo


Faith Clip Art 2

A Norwegian city, Poulsbo , was given, donated, by a Poulsbo family, land on which to build our Episcopal Church.

A small building, a priest, Father Joseph Carney was established. Soon, the building Saint Charles Episcopal Church became too small so a host of volunteers set out to find donors, interest at the time 19%, but St. Charles Church designed by architect, Malcom Campbell to suit the origins of Poulsbo’s Norwegian founders.

Many volunteers were used to create the building and later a Parish Hall.  Father Carney retired and an interim priest took over services as the search team set out to locate a new minister for Saint. Charles.  After the new minister took over, congregants slipped away.  A remnant, Faith Church, made the Kingston V.F.W. Hall their first home; then a shadowy theater and finally Redeemer Methodist Church where after their long exodus the last seven years yielded the return by the Bishop of St. Charles.  This name went with the Anglican Community and it was decided Faith Episcopal Church Poulsbo would be a new, very appropriate name.

This wonderful church is a going with the people volunteering, as of old, having done much to replace and repair the building’s needs.

This place of worship is a very worthy recipient of your support. Faith is a loving embodiment of what volunteerism and love can do by their faith in God’s goodness.

Remember please:  All things come of Thee, Oh Lord, and of Thine own have we given Thee.

In days yore a Saga retained for the people, the stories of strong leaders and their accomplishments decade after decade – thus my remembrance of our beloved church. 

Sylvia Palmer
October 2017