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Faith's Meeting The Mission

Below is a summary of what we believe and the projects our congretation has accomplished:


What We Believe
Faith Episcopal Church

When people ask what the Episcopal Church believes we invite them to join us for worship and we point them to the Book of Common Prayer as a first step. We invite them to worship because the Episcopal Church has long endorsed the Latin maxim, “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi,” or “The law of prayer (the way we pray) is the law of belief (what we believe).”

A lot of our theology can be discerned through the building blocks of our liturgy: An opening acclamation of our belief in the Holy Trinity, the gathering of God’s people through a dedicated prayer, the oral reading of four excerpts from the Holy Bible each week, recitation of one of the Church’s earliest creeds, and prayer offered by a member of the congregation on behalf of the needs of the church, the world, and the people. This is followed by the weekly celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Episcopalians believe in the real spiritual presence of Christ in the Holy Communion and approach the altar in love and fellowship with our neighbors, knowing that Christ will strengthen us for His mission in the world.

Through our liturgy – the way we pray – people new to the Episcopal Church can learn a lot about what we believe. In addition, the Book of Common Prayer contains a rudimentary Catechism called “An Outline of the Faith.” Written in a Q & A format, we believe it to be the starting place for teaching, learning, and growing. As a mission church of the Episcopal Church, Faith's endorses the prayer we pray at baptism: “Give this person an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works.” (BCP p308, Holy Baptism)

We may not have all the answers, but we welcome all your questions. That’s because we believe we all have something more to learn from one another – and always more to learn about ourselves, our world, and God. The Episcopal Church does not ask you to check your mind at the door. Our ability to reason is a gift from God. Join us in our quest for greater understanding. Faith Episcopal Church offers many ways to learn and to grow--whether young or old.

Faith Episcopal Church Mission

To know Christ and to make Christ know. At Faith we are an inclusive and welcoming community following the commandment to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. For us, this means we honor and value all people, with our open minds, open hearts, and open arms.



Small Toy Collection for The Dominican Republic
Sylvia Palmer of Faith is asking us to bring in small stuffed animals for distribution to children in the Dominican Republic who undergo corrective surgery for cleft pallet.  This surgical operation to correct this problem aids the little babies and children in being able to nurse and eat and gives them a better chance of life.  A local surgeon in Kitsap County, who Sylvia knows, makes a trip to the Dominican Republic along with others of the medical surgical team, a couple of times of year,  to perform these life changing surgeries for our youngest world citizens.  Sylvia checked with the surgeon to see if the children receive some type of toy of comfort following the surgery.  The answer was "no".  So, our beloved Sylvia recognizing this need and knowing the people of Faith would not hesitate to support such an effort, offered to collect the toys through the end of October. Over 50 stuffed animal toys have already been collected.  Sylvia will be the contact person, and will handle getting the stuffed toys to the medical team for delivery.  She will be happy to answer your questions.  The goal is approximately 200 stuffed animals.  Size of the toy should be small and washable if possible.  Please consider participating with this gift of outreach and bring your donated toys on Sundays during September and October. 

Advent/Christmas Donations to Fishline

A total of 249 pounds of non-perishable food items were donated to Fishline in Poulsbo by the families of Faith during our Advent season.  Your giving is deeply appreciated and is being distributed to those needing a little extra help this holiday season.

Cans of Soup for “Soup Bowl Sunday"

February 5th is “Super Bowl Sunday”.  Not to be outdone by the football game, Faith will make February 5th a winning Sunday for Fishline Food Bank with an ingathering of cans of soup.  This is the third annual Sunday for Faith to have designated this “Super Bowl” Sunday as “Soup Bowl” Sunday to help out our local food bank.  Thank you for your support and your generosity!

KCR AmeriCorps Hygiene Product Drive

This is the third year Faith has participated in the KCR AmeriCorps program hygiene product drive.  Thanks to your generosity, Faith donated 336 hygiene kit products.  AmeriCorps reports over 200 hygiene kits were assembled and will be distributed to Project Connect, an organization which helps individuals and families in crisis.  This small ministry has a big impact in our community and the broader Kitsap community.

Faith’s Lenten Soup Suppers

Faith’s Lenten Soup Suppers start on Wednesday evenings beginning on March 8th at 6:00 PM and continuing at that time through April 5th.  Please join us for delicious soup and fellowship. Louise Kernaghan will circulate a sign-up sheet for those who would like to provide soup or bread.

Prayer Warriors:                             

One of the many things I appreciate about Faith Church is we are a praying community. We are a loving family who prays for each other, our community and the world.  Life can be uncertain, but it’s comforting to have the assurance that behind the scenes the prayer warriors are faithfully praying. 

Please let us know of your prayer needs especially if you or a loved one are hospitalized.  We want to pray for you and make sure your pastoral needs are met.  A good place to start is the Prayer Chain.  Please call Connie Aurand at 360-297-3352 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with prayer requests.

Great Strides Walks:   

One of the many ways the C.F. Foundation raises money is through the "Great Strides Walks, which are held throughout the country in May/June.   These 5k walks are fun, have activities for people of all ages, and are a great way to meet with family/friends/ neighbors and get fresh air and exercise, all while supporting a very worthy cause.  

Several of Faith's parishioners have walked in the Great Strides Walk in the past, and it is my hope that you will consider participating again.   We would love to have you join "Team Matthew, N.W." (named for our grandson), and walking in Poulsbo's Great Strides Walk, which will be held at Vinland Elementary School on Saturday, June 3rd (10:00 A.M.).  Registration can be made online, or at the door on the day of the walk.   If you can't walk, donations are appreciated, and are 100% tax deductible (no amount is too small/large).   Checks can be sent to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ~ Washington & Alaska chapters, 520 Pike Street, Suite 1075, Seattle, Washington  98101, with "Team Matthew, N.W." indicated on the lower left corner of the check.

“Copper Crusade”

There is a little wooden chest box on the narthex table for our donation of coins.  It is called the “Copper Crusade”.  It was a tradition practiced at St. Charles in the 70’s when St. Charles occupied this building, and a tradition we have had at Faith from our beginning as a church.  It is a way in which every family can participate.  Simply bring your coins, (a coin or two for each meal served at home) and place them in the little box.  The coins are counted and the amount donated.   Presently our donations go to Fishline for their clientele for added assistance with food, rent, heat, gasoline, etc.   In the past, we have offered our donations to a group of Benedictine sisters who minister to the very poorest of poor in Mexico.  We joined in helping the sisters by coming together with the former Micah Community led by The Rev. Carol Ludden (now deceased) in Seattle.  The funds donated in this case were used to buy tortillas and beans by the sisters for the indigenous peoples of villages near Cuerna Vaca.  We provided donations to a veterinarian in South America offering her skills in working with people of one of the villages to show them how to produce, raise and safeguard their animals for future food for their people.  Faith also supported also a young female missionary working in China, showing through her teaching work the love of Christ.

Ingathering School Supplies

As back-to-school sales have begun, it is time to alert members of Faith, we will be gathering school supplies for the upcoming school year to be donated to Fishline for distribution. The "little yellow cardboard school bus box" will be at the altar of Faith for the four Sundays of August for your donations beginning August 6th.  Please be as generous as you can and know these supplies will be put to good use by school age children of North Kitsap.  Many families in the area struggle coming up with needed school supplies as their household budgets do not stretch to cover these additional needs.  Stores like Walmart and Target usually have school district supply lists available and have inventories of school supplies available for purchase.  If not, one can access North Kitsap School District's web page and I am sure the school supply information is posted there.  For some ideas, please consider:  boxes of #2 yellow pencils, colored markers, colored pencils, pencil boxes, crayons, reams of copy paper, spiral notebooks,  packages of loose leaf lined notebook paper, glue sticks, back packs.  Again, on behalf of the North Kitsap school children--THANK YOU!

Annual school supply support drive

As back-to-school sales arrived, it was time to alert members of Faith of the church’s annual school supply support drive. Approximately five large boxes of school supplies for the upcoming school year were donated to Fishline for distribution. The "little yellow cardboard school bus box" had been at the altar for the four Sundays of August for donations that began on August 6th.  As very kind and generous people of Faith came together, the little bus was filled and re-filled for the four weeks, and the supplies now await distribution to the children of North Kitsap to be put to good use in their classrooms.  As household budgets sometimes do not stretch to cover the needs for one child let alone families having two or more to provide for, many families in North Kitsap do look for assistance from Fishline for those needed school supplies.  So our donation will surely be welcomed.  Boxes of #2 yellow pencils, colored markers, colored pencils, pencil boxes, crayons, reams of copy paper, spiral notebooks, glue sticks, back packs made their way into the little yellow bus at the church.  On behalf of the North Kitsap school children—BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU!