The Bishop's Committee members for 2019 are listed below:

George Daniels:
Daniels George 5 resize
I was raised in an American Baptist home in Southern California. At age 11 I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized. My wife and I settled in Sacramento, CA where we were active members of a small Baptist church. I began attending an Episcopal church in 2006 where I found the services worshipful and focused on putting God at the center of each worship service. Faith Episcopal Church is my church home because of the worshipful experience I have here.

Diane Foster:
Foster Diane resize
For those of you who are new to our church, I would like to assure you that I have the best interests of the church at heart. Over the years I have served many times on the Bishop’s Committee and am honored to represent our congregation at these meetings.
Plus, I'm really nosy and I want to know what’s going on.
Diane Foster

Jean Hart:
Hart Jean resizeBaptized and confirmed a Lutheran in 1953. Became an Episcopalian in 1974. Attracted to Faith as being a new experience as I’ve never been in a Mission before. I stay because the Faith family is just that: a Family, not a social organization. In my former churches I was a teacher of the Bethel Bible course in two parishes. I also taught confirmation classes, sang in a choir and headed a prayer chain. Everything except be a Vestry member. So, I guess it’s my turn to do that. Christ is still counting on me to be an instrument of His Peace.

Gary James:
James Gary resize
Our family has lived in North Kitsap for 30+ years attending several different churches and not finding a home. After doing a bit of theological and historical reading, we decided that the Anglican/Episcopal church best fit our background and how we perceive God's interaction with man. We like Faith because of the location and size, it’s close enough to attend when able we’re and it’s a place where we can interact and serve with like-minded folks. It is a home church.