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Senior Warden Report

Dear Friends at Faith,

Hurd Deb resizeWhat a wonderfully busy time of the year!  Last month’s Lenten soup suppers provided joyful fellowship and prayer times.  As I write this, we have not yet experienced this year’s Holy Week, but our schedule offers many opportunities for worship, prayer, reflection, fellowship, and joy. 

Faith accomplished a lot during the past month.  It’s been fun to watch the increased activity during weekdays as folks come and go working on various projects.  Unity has moved in and started their active schedule.  Our church calendar is posted in both the conference room in the parish hall and on our website thanks to George Daniels.  Brenda Toth and Diane Foster have pushed steadily forward painting the parish hall, and Faith’s office has relocated from the room beside the sanctuary to the second floor of the parish hall.  The diocese has completed the down payment for the new roof, and work is scheduled for this summer.  Via suggestion box request, Fred Pomeranz met and discussed price and installation for a sound system in our sanctuary.  Some parishioners struggle to hear the readings and announcements and enhanced sound will help a lot.  Also, Jim Aurand has again been approved as our auditor.  Thank you, Jim, for doing the hard work it takes to keep us compliant!

One of our most exciting projects is converting the old office to a nursery.  This repurposed space will be renamed the Sylvia Palmer Memorial Nursery.  Kevin Mace is the BC coordinator for this, and several people have stepped forward to offer suggestions, gather bids, and lend expertise.  It will provide a real welcome to families with small children and to nursing moms.   We have dedicated $1,000 from our Sunday School/ Children’s Ministry account, but more is needed to complete the project and to make the space safe and inviting for the youngest of our congregation.  If you would like to donate to this project, please make a notation on your check designating it for children’s ministry.

Another a suggestion box idea ready to reach fruition is the beginning/resumption of a healing prayer ministry.  Healing prayers will be available on the second Sunday of each month starting April 8th.  Those willing to participate as members of a healing team, please let Vicar Laura know.  Jean Hart will provide training, and as more healing teams develop, more Sundays can be added to the schedule.  People seeking healing and anointing for themselves or on the behalf of others can go from communion right to the chapel in the back of our sanctuary.

And speaking of prayer, please prayerfully consider one of Faith’s big needs.  A Parish Life Coordinator works with others to develop and implement non-liturgical parish activities that range from fun to fund raising.  I have asked several people, and although each would gladly be part of a parish life committee, someone is still needed to either chair or co-chair this vital ministry.  The chairperson should not lead every function themselves, but rather work with the committee to help organize, plan and coordinate events.  She or he would be the liaison to Vicar Laura and the Bishop’s Committee.  Our church would be blessed to have such a person or persons. 

Finally, if you want a more in-depth insight into what your Bishop’s Committee is doing, you can ‘read all about it’ through the minutes of our meetings.  They are available in a blue binder located in our church library.  As always, suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

Have a blessed and peace-filled Easter season!

Deb Hurd