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Pledging, Giving, and Spending, a quarterly report from your treasurer

Kernaghan Louise resizeWhen the people of Faith moved to Poulsbo, we were told by the Diocese that we would have to increase our number of pledging families and remain vigilant in our financial support in order to worship in this beautiful building that God provided for us. We did well in the beginning; I was told that every family pledged for 2016. Recently the pledging for 2018 was tallied, with only 13 families pledging a total $31,000. I am sure that there are at least 25 active families in our parish now, not including those who have come in the last couple months.

In January and February we did well. Our plate offerings were about $4000 each month, in line with the $50,000 in plate offerings for 2017. But this month, after three of four Sundays, we have taken in only half that amount. The balance in the operating account is dangerously low.

Some people may be afraid to pledge because they are not sure if they can follow through on the commitment. Sometimes folks just have no idea what it costs to keep a church going.  To help everyone understand how Faith's financial health is faring, and to encourage all of us to expand our heart for giving, I'll be writing a financial update each quarter in the Mustard Seed.

I am willing to explain the financial reports, showing what things cost to anyone who is interested. And in the meantime, if you just did not get around to filling out a pledge form or forgot to put in your "collection" this month, please try to catch up. Like every family, the family of Faith Church needs your support.

Thank you!
Louise Kernaghan