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The Bishop's Committee Commitment:
Here are some of the most important things a Bishop's Committee member should know about their committee commitment:
  • It is the governing body of our church; therefore, it is vitally important that members attend the monthly meetings (currently held  the  third Thursday at 10:00 via Zoom).  We need to hear everyone's voices and perspectives when we deliberate.
  • Having said that, we all know things happen sometimes; however, BC members are expected to mark their calendars and prioritize the meetings.  If a member is not able  to attend a meeting, they need to let us know in advance.  We need to have an idea if we will have a quorum present to pass motions.  If a member chronically skips meetings, or has  more than three unexcused absences, they may be asked to resign.
  • We *usually* have a retreat in February.  This time is geared toward getting to know one another, how we operate, and what dreams we might have for the upcoming year.  Last year, our retreat was at Seabeck Conference Center where we spent the night.  We would like to eventually have retreats lasting from Friday night to Sunday lunchtime.  A vestry meeting is folded into this time.  With COVID restrictions in place, this year we will likely have a one-day retreat--probably virtually.
  • The BC traditionally cooks pancakes for the pancake dinner on  Shrove Tuesday (February 16th, this year).  Again, we may not be able to have our feast due to COVID.
  • BC members are expected to attend church functions as they are able.   They are the elected  leadership of the church, and folks need to see them and know who they are.
  • Periodically, there are special conferences or offerings that BC members are encouraged to attend, i.e., the Bishop's Leadership Conference, or the latest workshop on clergy wellness.