Community Meals

(Click Here to volunteer time or food )

FP Meal VolunteerMonthly Faith reaches out to our Community by providing a monthly meal. Our Community Soup Supper is on the fourth Sunday of each month. Beginning in July the meals will be held on the fouth Monday of each month. Here is all the information you need to sign up to volunteer and reach out to our North Kitsap community. 

First, there are a number of volunteer opportunities which you can sign up to do.  Click here* to go to the Perfect Potluck website and find something that you can do to help out.

There are different selections that you can choose from.  Simply click on a yellow line under the category that you wish to contribute, for example, (main dish gluten and dairy free).  When you do, a darker yellow box pops up to enter your name, email address, phone number, and what you’ll bring.  Once you’ve entered, click the box that says “SIGN UP!”  That’s all there is to it.  If cooking doesn’t catch your fancy, consider one of the other positions needed such as greeter, dishwasher, or other position.  Each position has a brief description and you will be helped when you get to church.  There is also an approximate time when you’ll be needed listed.  This format allows both Faith and Unity Churches to contribute to our dinners.  Thank you!

*Note: If you want to return to the Perfect Potluck volunteer page and you are unable to fine the above link, do the following:

Go to

Scroll down to the yellow box marked “Find”

Where it says, COORDINATOR LAST NAME, enter Outreach


Click on the green button “Find

When you click the website will take you to our meal and volunteer page.