Ministry Groups Are Forming

Take A Look To See Where You Might Be Called To Serve:

  • Worship
  • Outreach
  • Communications
  • Building & Grounds
  • Finances
  • Fellowship & Community Life
  • Christian Formation

Which one suits you?


  • Worship: This group oversees all aspects of our communal worship including: liturgies, music, liturgical
    arts, seasonal celebrations, etc. Its default members include all Lay Eucharist Ministers, Readers, and Altar
    Guild members. Vicar Laura leads this group and would be delighted to field any questions you might
  • Outreach: The Outreach group will pay particular attention to needs in our local community and
    elsewhere. It will focus on ways Faith can bring the light of Christ to those in any kind of need . If you
    have a heart for social justice, you might consider being part of this group. Talk to Deb Hurd, Doreen
    Valverdes, or Ralph Flewelling for more information.
  • Communications: Good communication is vital for any enterprise to function, whether a church or a
    family. We are blessed with individuals who have a knack for writing, websites, and social media. If you
    tweet, or write, if you have a love of publishing or sharing info rmation, speak to Connie Aurand or George
    Daniels about opportunities to serve.
  • Building & Grounds: Do you have gifts for gardening? Home improvement? Do you relish the
    opportunity to fix and repair? Consider lending your expertise in the care and mai ntenance of our
    buildings. Contact Fred Pomeranz or Bob Kernaghan – they’d love to hear from you!
  • Finances: Close and careful stewardship of our finances is key to our ability to flourish. If you love
    numbers, if you carry an abacus in your hip pocket ‘just for fun’, please consider lending your talents to the
    finance group. Louise Kernaghan and Jim Aurand head up this important ministry.
  • Fellowship & Community Life: Are you the life of the party? Do you love hosting dinners? Then this
    might be the group for you. This group will focus on coming up with ways we can celebrate our lives
    together through outings, dinners, talent shows, game nights—the possibilities are endless! If you are a
    funloving soul, speak to Frank Toth, Bob Kernaghan, or Carol Pomeranz.
  • Christian Formation: As Christians, our learning is life-long and life giving. This ministry group’s focus
    will be on finding appealing offerings for every age group. If you have a yen to discover more about Celtic
    Spirituality, or centering prayer, or the book of Hebrews; if you wish there were opportunities to learn more
    about your faith, or other faith traditions; if you’re itching to discover more about God the universe and
    everything, then this group might be for you. Contact Vicar Laura or Amanda Mace for more information.