Dear Ones,

On this last day of Christmas, I have been pondering; have you?  Have you wondered at God in human form this season?  This Christmas, especially, as so many of us were relegated to our homes due to weather and COVID, I feel as if it’s been easier to ponder.  There are always things to be done, certainly, but tricky roads meant, at least for us, more time to just be; more time to luxuriate in one another’s company; more time to ponder.

But Christmas is over and tomorrow is Epiphany, the day in the church when we celebrate the arrival of the wise ones from the East.  Those whose religion was different from the one practiced in Bethlehem, whose language, culture, and view of the world was different from Mary and Joseph’s, different from the shepherds and all who visited the manger.  And yet, they were inexorably drawn, captivated by the star, the comet perhaps, hanging in the sky and portending the arrival of something new.  Someone unlike the world had known before.  This Epiphany let’s continue to ponder the phenomenon of Emmanuel—of God with us, all of us, throughout the whole wide world.

Blessings to you all,

Vicar Laura

We will continue to Zoom our services until the county’s COVID numbers begin declining.  Please see the link below to join this week’s Sunday service.


There will be no Godly Play this Sunday.  We hope to resume soon.

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Upcoming at Faith

Crafting Tuesdays are on hiatus until February.


Faith’s Annual Meeting, in which we accept the 2022 budget, elect Bishop’s Committee members, and hear all about what we’ve been up to for the past year, is scheduled for January 16th after the Sunday service.  It will be on Zoom and, even if Zoom isn’t your favorite format, I strongly encourage you to participate.  Annual meetings, although not as beautiful as liturgy, or as fun as fellowship, are nonetheless vitally important.  They allow us, as a community, an opportunity to see where we’ve been and dream of where God might be calling us.  I look forward to seeing you there.  –Laura+ 

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Meet the candidates! 

Here are the biographies of those running for Bishop’s Committee (in alphabetical order):

Laurie James

James Laurie 03As the youngest of nine children, in a combination “his, hers, and theirs” family, I grew up as a third generation Free Methodist with strong involvement in the Seattle First Free Methodist Church.

Having moved to Poulsbo from Seattle in 1980, I spent my entire teaching career with the North Kitsap School District Special Education Program. My first twenty- five years were at North Kitsap High School and the remaining years at Kingston High School until my retirement in 2019. My husband, Gary, and I married in 1983 while he was involved in a “sister” Free Methodist Church in Ballard. We raised our three children in Poulsbo while primarily having NK Baptist as our church home.

Gary and I began attending Faith Episcopal when we first became “empty nesters” about five years ago. We deeply appreciated the people at Faith, enjoyed the worship, as well as the opportunities for serving our community. Gary served most recently on the Bishop’s Committee, until his death in October of this year (2021). I am honored for the opportunity fulfill the remaining few months of Gary’s term. I am equally honored to be considered for a new term, as I am eager to follow the Lord’s leading in using my gifts to serve our community for Him.

Ada Kornmeyer

Kornmeyer AdaI’m Ada Kornmeyer; I was baptized at St. Paul’s episcopal church in Visalia, California as a very young child with my three older siblings. In 1956 the family moved to Placerville, California where we attended the Church of Our Savior, there I was active in the EYC. After Roy and I were married we attended various Episcopal churches through the years. Our last church where I was active was at Saint Michael & All Angels in Fort Bragg, California. My professional life was as a Building Designer and working for a Structural Engineer since completing College at 53 in Engineering. I retired last January and have been working on becoming a professional genealogist. I have been an active member of Soroptimist an international organization that works within our community to help empower women to live their dreams. Wherever we have lived I have enjoyed being part of the local community and enjoy giving back to the place that we call home. Since moving to Washington 8 years ago I have continued my membership in Soroptimist and have held various leadership roles, and I have sought out other ways to be part of the local community, volunteering at the Jefferson County Genealogical Society and working on the Port Ludlow Dog Park Committee. I would be happy to work on the Bishop’s Committee to help in preserving the mission of Faith Episcopal.

Ronnie Sue Leith

Leith Ronnie Sue

(No biography submitted)





Paul Steinke

Steinke PaulI had been a follower of Jesus Christ for many years the first time I opened the Book of Common Prayer. Discovering its celebration of the seasons and its rhythms of daily and weekly prayer seemed to me a treasure for which, up to that point, I had not known I was looking. Its integration of daily life with the life of Christ and the community of saints - past, present and future, provided me with a situatedness within the history of the Church and contemporary culture that pointed me toward a way of life journeying toward Jesus Christ for my life and for the life of the world

I'm from Nebraska, I live in Bremerton, and I've worked at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology for 20 years. But what I most want you to know is I long to know Life with my family. As Sarah, Pierce, Selah, Elle, and I have participated in the Episcopal way of life for over 10 years now, I have experienced something of a material world made transparent to the reality of a God who is seeking to draw all creation - including my family and my friends - to God's self. This is a dance is one in which I long to participate. I long to practice such a way of life, I long to know abundant life, I long to know Jesus Christ for my life, the life of my family, and the life of the world.

Dorothy Timma

Timma DorothyI am married and we have a son who lives near Albuquerque, NM with his wife and dogs, cats, chicken’s goats and more.

I work for a transportation company that has an office in Seattle, but our staff has been able to work remotely from home since the beginning of pandemic. (:

I started attending Faith because my sister Ellen was involved with the choir and invited me to attend with her. The first time that I attended Faith, we were in Kingston. That was quite a few years ago but I saw many of the same kind and familiar faces when we came back to visit in Poulsbo.

I would like to serve on the Bishop’s Committee because I Love the community of Faith Episcopal Church and I would like to experience the administrative process that has been a part of Faith’s continued success.

The community at Faith fills a void in my life that I don’t think anything else could right now and I want to help bring in new people so that they can hopefully experience that too.


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Thank You 02

Please consider making a financial contribution to Faith!  You may either print out the following and place it in the offering plate at church or mail it, OR you can always give via the portal (in the upper right corner) on the website at: 

Be advised that there is a 3% service fee for using the portal

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Upcoming at Faith:

  • Annual Meeting January 16, 2022
  • Vicar Laura on Vacation January 17-January 25

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